Be of Good Cheer!–the Lord is in charge!

The 187th semi-annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just concluded after two days of meetings, which were televised world-wide. And it was an inspirational event with beautiful music, including one session where the choir was made up of singers from my valley–Tremonton, Garland, and Fielding.

My favorite sermon was that of Elder Condon who spoke on the many ways that language loss occurs from one generation to another–and from one person to another. An amazingly detailed presentation that applies to family history and genealogy as well as it does to religion and culture. Once the Conference Report appears in early May, I will summarize and apply his masterful  talking points to genealogy on my Genealogical Evidence blog (see my Home Page for the link).

During the two-hour break for lunch, the LDS World Report shared news with some important elements for genealogy too, All of these new events and projects provide us with a Be of Good Cheer! feeling. Cheers, Arlene Eakle:

  1. 9 Mar 2017 summit on Marriage and the Family in New York City attended by leading United States religious leaders including Cardinal Dolan, Rabbi                 , and two members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the LDS Church and a member of the First Presidency.
  2. Thanksgiving Point in Orem, Utah has a new Sculpture Garden, Light of the World featuring the life and miracles of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. The pictures shown were4 amazingly beautiful.
  3. A new website for family stories
  4. The Pathway program for affordable college degree programs–those persons who stopped their education mid-stream. This program has enrolled more than 57,000 students since it began eight years ago.



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