2 Million people raised out of poverty…

and 3.2% rise in income–Be of Good Cheer, what is happening to one will eventually happen to most us. That’s what the Wall Street Journal said last week–so it must be true.

Recovery from too little for most of us. That’s a comforting thought–hang on to it.

With 5 hurricanes hitting, at the same time, the United States and its territories on both oceans–with storm surges, heavy rains, direct hits, and devastation for millions and millions of people. One right after another. Be of good cheer!

Yeah, the message is Be of Good Cheer! The drought is over, with enough rain fall to fill thousands of reservoirs. Millions of houses and buildings and churches and schools damaged and destroyed–so that they will all have to be replaced with newer and better and more complete. Damaged and destroyed electric grids and infrastructure–the kind that creates immediate shovel-ready jobs. Lights out also puts people back to work scurrying around to re-establish power lines and electricity to streets and stations.

Billions of dollars pumped by the Federal Government and state coffers into a growing economy. Better than an election even to spread the money around. Congress, that has not been able to agree on domestic spending for a wide variety of goods and services or removing taxes that for many appear to be government gouging, now is forced to spend billions on us. At the most basic levels of society and life. Where we all will benefit in unforeseen ways.

Be of Good Cheer! Nature tore down, so we have to build anew. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle http://arleneeakle.com

PS Harvey and its aftermath all but forgotten as Irma, Jose, Maria, and two others have taken over the news. There are other storms awaiting their turns–think about it. The United States may break all records at how fast we can begin the renewal process–the budget and debt limits are up for adjustment, as I write this, in order to accommodate our basic needs.

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