From a very wet (and odoriferous) computer room…

It takes real effort to smile in the middle of a flooded basement–the Good News, I only lost two sheets of paper! Everything else was in plastic bins.

My previous experience with a flooded basement came from an enormous rain storm that my drains could not accommodate. The only place the water could go was in the basement door because the drain filled up to three feet.

So I spent considerable money investing in plastic bins to make sure all of my research files were secure. And no files in the bottom drawers of file cabinets and no books on slim bottom shelves.

And it paid off.

Still a mess though with fans whirring and wet towels everywhere–being wrung out and dried and re-positioned and treaded on to squeeze the moisture from the carpets. The benefit of this approach, although it takes time is not costly. And no mold! My whole basement is finished and carpeted with wool carpeting–

Be of good cheer, Arlene Eakle

PS I have not been able to write my other blogs because WordPress rejected my passwords and will not let me access. Their comment is that it is locked for my own good. Yeah. Kathryn, my webmaster, will be here this week and she will re-set my passwords so that I can write the stuff I have been collecting for several weeks. Stay tuned!

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