Observations on Summertime in Tremonton Utah

Summertime in Tremonton is special–and pleasant: days are cool in the morning (as low as 60, usually in the 70’s) and hot by afternoon–up to 98 degrees. Warm evenings that cool down by midnight. The dew settles on the hay leaves after midnight. My husband, Alma, baled hay between midnight and 3:00 am, when the dew kept the leaves intact. His hay was green and full of nutrition. What his cows did not consume during the year, he sold at premium prices to ranches in California.

Climate and Temperature–The Bear River Valley runs on a slant along the mountains. This geographic location ensured a warmer winter and a cooler summer than surrounding areas. And a 5 to 7 degree difference from Salt Lake City, 75 miles south. The valley winds blow continuously during the day. You an set your watch by the wind changes in velocity and direction. This makes a pleasant climate when the days are hot.

Water–Most yards in my neighborhood have shallow, groundwater wells to water lawns and trees. Once the irrigation water is in the canal, the ground water increases enough to respond to electric pumps. I had my pump refurbished and then effectively and efficiently installed this year. Using an antiquated siphon system, this small well waters my full 1/2 acre of lawn and trees.

Flowers with real colors and scents  are a delight in my yard. Lilies (pink with periwinkle blue along the edges of the petals with lavender stamen, come up through my mint garden. This year I had 29 lilies and as they dried up, another 7 appeared. They grow 12-20 inches in one day to a total of 3 feet tall.

Birds–My yard is filled with many different varieties of birds. The crows have not come this year, so the small birds have taken over the large trees and my 1/2 acre is filled with song every morning. No swallows this year with their mud nests and little mouths that appear just over the rims of the nests.

Sunshine–I walk around my yard every morning to aid vitamin D conversion (20 minutes in full sun without sunscreen). The warm air with a cool breeze gives a feeling of comfort, peace, and general well-being in a chaotic world. How grateful I am for this kind of environment. Actually, this is a desert climate–with a predicted seven inches of rainfall a year. We have more than seven inches because we are also an irrigated land area watered from canals off the Bear River. And numerous watered lawns and yards. At the very west of our Valley lies the Great Salt Lake.

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PS What a great place to raise a family!


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