A Christmas Adventure

This year I decided to order my Christmas presents online and what an adventure that has been and still is–

1 Dec I ordered from QVC–my first order with them. A very smooth experience. The item was shipped 14 December with guaranteed delivery by 26 Dec! (…”perhaps earlier”…) It arrived at my Post Office 19 Dec. Nobody told me it had arrived. It was piled in the corner near my PO Box. I picked it up on one of my many visits Christmas Week.

Remember, that the Eastern United States experienced two named storms of considerable size and severity during the month of December, before Christmas.

9 Dec FOOD presents–nuts, candy, and cakes. Guaranteed delivery before 20th December. Arrived in Pocatello Idaho on its way to Salt Lake City (trucked right through Tremonton, just didn’t stop here.) The paper work said it was actually shipped on 14 Dec. And it still has not arrived.

14 Dec Presents shipped by “expedited” delivery for an extra fee (total of $64.00 shipping from a catalog of Free Shipping). Guaranteed delivery in 3-5 days. Shipped from Omaha NE to Newark NJ “to avoid the backed up parcels in St. Louis.” Actually arrived 24 Dec at 11:00 am.

Reason for the delay given as Covid-19: Fewer personnel, fewer trucks, fewer planes, fewer pick-up and delivery personnel. More orders shipped than expected because people did not shop in stores; they ordered online.

I visited my local post office every day for 5 days–two and three times. They duly checked their tracking lists and told me where the packages were and when I could expect them. So I know where my stuff went and when–just not delivered when expected either.

And the people at the window were the very same people all day, every day. The man who checked the tracking lists for me could only accept credit cards at the window.
The woman at the other window could answer questions and check packages. And no extended hours for the public. Although the personnel were at work behind the doors. (And I’ll bet they didn’t get overtime either!)

I planned alternatives for presents so that I would not disappoint anyone–I’ll use those items for birthdays in 2021. If I have a choice, I will probably shop at the stores next year and take my stuff home with me–I really don’t need Christmas adventures like this one–such a waste of time going back and forth, standing in line (6 feet away), keeping my mask on, and “laughing all the way-Ho, Ho, Ho!”

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle   http://arleneeakle.com

PS Christmas was wonderful: sisters and brothers, cousins, uncles and aunts–all of us together all day.

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