Christmas Lights and Music–Now Dark

This year we visited several Christmas Light displays in Northern Utah and one in Salt Lake City–

  1. Tremonton City Park. Sit in car and tune to special radio frequency channel for the accompanying music. Difficult to get a clear channel so we used FM100.3. Three Christmas trees and small scenes dancing to music–Santss snowmen, elves, teddy bears, grizzlies. Spectacular this years. Show lasted about 30 minutes. Crowded with cars.
  2. Willard Bay. Drive thru inside car, light displays move and dance to music. Special glasses issued that turn the lights into snowflakes and enhance the colors. This is a favorite tradition for us.
  3. Layton City Park. Drive around the Christmas displays and walk through the center and around the individual animals. Many colored lights, many different animals and displays. Musical background.
  4. Ogden City Hall Square. Walk through village of small lighted cottages sponsored by associations and organizations. Each cottage with large windows to show the story or display inside. Full city block with twinkling lights everywhere. Musical background.
  5. I Street all the way to the top of the hillside, Salt Lake City Avenues. Light display at residence on side of hill. Left side–nativities of every kind and snowmen; right side of hill what seemed like hundreds of Santas of every kind and size. An amazing stationery display. Could not tell if music or not. May have had a boombox in the middle.

Local houses and businesses up our way decorate with lights from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. (Some turn lights off on Christmas Night.) When the lights go out I have a sense of loss. I love the lights of Christmas. And I look forward to their appearance each and every year. It seems to me that the lights turn on when we most need a cheerful place to live–especially in the midst of a Pandemic.

Because of remodeling of the Salt Lake Temple, Temple Square was all torn up with only  peripheral lights on the north side and into the square around the Church Office Building. Little provision for strolling amid the lights this year. Very different for downtown Salt Lake City. A tradition I missed very much.

Our traditional Salt Lake Genealogy Christmas Tour at the Family History Library was cancelled because the Library is closed.

No live broadcast of the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Program. Indeed, a very strange Christmas in Salt Lake City Utah. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Making plans for 2021? Who knows? I think it depends on the success of the vaccine and the abatement of the pandemic. At this point all options are at bay or pending. It may also depend upon our financial situation–costs money to hold the Tour and to attend it. Keep your fingers crossed!

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