Be of Good Cheer!

I live in a small country town in the Northern part of Utah between the mountains and the Great Salt Lake. We have railroad tracks through the middle of town–but no railroad station any longer.

We have two National freeways, which are now under construction. They were destroyed through the past terrible winter–we are part of the infrastructure that President Trump is asking Congress to fund. And depending upon how well that request goes, will depend on how the repairs are made: do they grind the holes enough to cover them with asphalt or, do they dig the old road out to the bed-rock and rebuild it with good materials? Time will tell–they are currently grinding the surface up and hauling it away. They will level and smooth awaiting the news. And we are just one segment of this country that the weather damaged.

We have the largest, most consistent river in the state except for the Colorado River complex which includes the Green River, and the rest of Utah is looking with greedy eyes upon this river. They hope to build a major dam on the river to back up the water into the mountains. There is a new housing development on the river in the river valley where the dam would go–these houses struggled to stay above the water while the flooding went on this past Spring. Well, the houses cost over a million dollars, every one of them. So the state legislature is dragging its feet on the dam. Actually, I’ll bet the final decision will be based on the success of Trump’s request for funding too.

Our beloved Prophet President Gordon B. Hinckley, now gone, used to say, “We do the best we can with what we have available to us.” And so do the grass-roots of America.

We have a large high school, with an A-1 marching band. My granddaughter is the Drum Major of the band and plays other instruments in it–they are leaving this week for San Diego and the band competition there. They will return with trophies and excitement at winning in their category.

So be of good cheer–What is good about our country town is very, very good. And it makes up for the rest. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

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