Be of Good Cheer–my granddaughter is safe!

My ballerina granddaughter is serving an LDS mission in Houston. She actually resides in Conroe, north of the city. And it has been raining there for a week–her pictures show that the apartment complex is on a slight rise, about 3 miles from the river. A large lake/bayou is nearby.

For the time being, she is safe and hunkered-down waiting for the storm to pass. Missionaries are restricted from television, radio, newspapers, and other media distractions. She has an IPad. Mondays are communication days–which we look forward to each week. And this week especially was a welcome email with photos.

The state of Texas is amazing–their ability to survive this prolonged, life-changing event is well worth noting. My prayers, each and every hour, go out to them too. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS I know not the fate of the Clayton Library–the genealogy section of the Houston Public Library. And I am praying for its safety every hour as well. Clayton is one of the premier genealogy libraries of the U.S.

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