Snow today–and very cold. Possible frost tonight.

Seems like we are never satisfied–it is either too hot or too cold.

Remember when we were kids and we hid an object? Then we tried to find it by clues–close we were hot, far away we were cold. Just a game to keep our time occupied–Now finding time for a game is almost impossible. Or doing the dishes. Or re-filing the books. Or whatever.

But seriously–Snow?

The mountains are snow-coated down to the lower foothills. Some roofs had snow on them this morning–and driving to Salt Lake City I passed several cars covered in snow. Skiers love spring snow in Utah. Are the ski-resorts still open so they can take advantage of nature’s gift?

Watch out for the sinus infection-asthma connection. It is my belief and so far only mine, that there is a virus at the bottom of it–takes several weeks to become better. In the meantime, you cough and cough. Even antibiotics don’t help, nor does asthma medicine. Almost seems like whooping cough–except the bronchials do not seem to be affected. I know several people who have had it or have it now. Watch out.

Be of good cheer–Your friendly, and cheerful friend, Arlene Eakle

PS The rivers up my way do not have any more room to carry the melting snow. And it snowed. Go figure.

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