Much More Than We Need…and On Demand!

Liberty Insurance Company has an extensive ad campaign–“Pay only for what you need.” And some clever advertising promotes this view.

At the same time as consumers are emptying grocery store shelves of what we have come to view as “essential” items. Like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, canned spaghetti, and even bananas. My grocery store bakery has signs that state “there are no shortages in the bakery”–even featuring white-iced chocolate cakes in the shape of toilet tissue rolls!

Excess–extra days to vote, extra days to count the votes. Black Friday deals that have spread from the Friday after Thanksgiving to the whole weekend; and now, to the whole month of November–with different deals each day. Mail and email circulars bolstered by television and smart phone ads, keep us updated for each day. And since the deals oft4n apply only to that day, it is getting harder and harder to keep track of what items are special deals on what days.

Not to worry–just come in and plead your case for an extension of the deal and most stores will honor the expired prices rather than lose the dales. Their local circulars often state that they will honor a previous price, if you ask.

Deadlines and special codes  are extended on demand!

Yet, think of this–“On Demand” seems to mean that whatever you want must be available free or at a discount whenever you want it. And complaints demand instant access or vigorous complaints ensue.

Like babies who yell when they are hungry and demand instant food. What stifles the yell is “food in mouth.” Babies have to learn to wait. It is up to the parents to train the baby to wait.

Blamed on the pandemic most of the time–excess gone awry.
Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS I decided that my primary personal objective for 2020 would be to rid my life of excess–eat down my freezer food, donate ill-fitting and no-fit clothing, down-size towels and bedding–there is just one of me!

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