Website Updates and other Idiosyncrasies

Each time my computer is updated by Microsoft or other programs running on it, something gets screwed up and I go for a time without access of any kind. I am not a computer geek–I depend on others to train and teach me enough to keep producing my stuff.

And this is one of those times when my system shut me out. So I am using a borrowed computer where the updates have been barred for a time. What a deal!

Here in Utah we had a very wet Spring preceded by a very snowy and wet Winter. With elm trees that produced so many seeds that the branches have been looking like weeping willow branches. Well, the seeds, which come on green and look like leaves, have now been turning white. Little pillows that float on the breezes carrying seeds to all parts of the Bear River Valley. And I have a yard full of big elm trees.

Two years ago, I left my trees and seeds, thinking I had provided a barrier so that they could not cover the drain on the south side of my house. Ha! The barrier just made it worse, when the rainstorm came and filled the drain, the stairwell, and then my basement in that order. Luckily, I returned just as the storm was subsiding and I could grab the stuff in the way of the invading water. My carpet and the wall trims were saturated, along with wooden bookshelves loaded–not with books–with everything else.

I lost no client files and no books. And I spent the next year flood-proofing my precious genealogy collections.

But, this is another year. And a wetter one. So I can’t go far afield until all the seeds are down and collected into garbage cans.

Flowers, flowers everywhere…and Arlene is an asthmatic! I have loaded up with medication and at present I am managing. No flowers for Mother’s Day however. The few flowers in my yard, now being covered with white seeds.

If you want the second verse–a little worse to be sure–stay tuned. I will keep you informed on my borrowed computer until mine gets updated to the updates or I learn how to make the changes myself. Cheers, Arlene Eakle

PS When the danger is over and before the leaves of all the elms begin to fall–which they do late in the year, I am planning to visit Virginia and North Carolina–with stops in New York and Rhode Island. I’ll keep you posted. Be of good cheer, we are in good hands.

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