A Time to Give Thanks…

This is the time of year for giving thanks–to God who enables us with His Grace, to country and the people who ensure our liberties, to family members who love and tolerate our idiosyncrasies. Thanks for everything we enjoy and makes our lives enjoyable.

I just returned from a short trip to the Northwest–one of my favorite places. I love the trees and their enveloping peace. As if we could crawl into their sheltering branches and leave the cares of the world behind us.

Fire and the drought have taken their toll. In the Columbia River Gorge, workmen have removed many of the trees that partially burned, scaling and leveling the ground then spraying it all green to prevent erosion.

The healing rains this past weekend have rejuvenated the drooping branches, leaving the trees standing taller and renewing the waterfalls cascading along the cliffs. I felt renewed as I drove through the Gorge twice this past week.

Be of Good Cheer–somehow the world in which we live is a beautiful place. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle http://arleneeakle.com


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