I am not allergic to violets…

Growing in several parts of my lawn (1/2 acre), are patches of violets. These are the kinds of flowers that have the most heavenly scent. White, lavender, deep violet, light pink–all growing together and spreading. In the crack of the pavement along the edge of a brick section below my water tap is a beautiful violet plant.

Looks like an African Violet in size and shape. This plant volunteered, like the rest of them, just not in the lawn. And each precious flower has that scent. I pick one flower and inhale deeply as long as it lasts. Wonderful. Violets do not affect my asthma. Oh how happy that makes me!

Be of good cheer! As long as the violets come up each Spring, I know that the world in my corner of the universe, is okay. Cheers, Arlene Eakle

PS My dear daughter has shingles. For two years she has asked the doctor for the vaccine. And been refused because the Insurance company will not cover her shot–she is too young. Seems shingles is almost epidemic in our county–and most of the persons who have it are too young for the vaccine.

What kind of insanity is that? Second verse: although it says in my medical book (recall that in my past life I was a registered nurse) that you don’t get shingles more than once, some of the people in my county are ill for the second time! A little worse: there case is stronger with more lesions. What kind of insanity refuses to administer the vaccine?

PPS Shall I blame the Affordable Health Care program? It is the present program under which we all labor today. Cheers and with a laugh at the insanity of it all, Arlene.

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