…He hath given a law…

Here I am surrounded with snow in every direction. Oh, the major road surfaces are dry or just wet. The snow has been pushed back. And the piles along the roads are high-=with as much as seven feet of piled snow.

Today, for the first time, of any length, the sun has been shining and the temperature has climbed to 45 degrees. It is a beautiful Winter day in Tremonton Utah. However, the snow is still here and the weather people are predicting more snow tomorrow. Rain first, then snow. Like before, when we ended up with feet and feet of snow. And below zero temperatures. Rain first, then snow. Well, here in Northern Utah we got little rain and lots of snow.

Here is the kicker–buds burgeoning. Buds forming on the trees. Color re-entering the limbs and along every single branch–however skinny. Signs of life creeping back into the trees and bushes. And in parts of Utah where the grass now shows through–it is green, not brown, but green! These phenomena every Spring in Northern Utah is always a surprise to me. Imagine in a frozen world, the signs of life are still present. Not by accident–

“…He hath given a law unto all things, by which they move in their times and their seasons.”

Imagine a law that while snow is still on the ground and all around us, the signs of life are still present and announce that Spring will come! Imagine!

I walked to Church this morning and marveled at the buds visible everywhere. And recalled that my Mom’s allergies  to new pollen kicked up at the end of January and into early February. Her eyes watered and she sneezed and sneezed. Her way of acknowledging that Spring follows Winter.

Cheers everyone!  Arlene Eakle. http://arleneeakle.com

PS Would the return of life to the trees be a better harbinger of Spring than Pawxetany Phil the Groundhog?


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