Chickenpox and the Camera

The family picture on the left side of the masthead for this blog, includes my little granddaughter Jessica. Between the time when we scheduled this family picture sitting, and the actual day, Jessica came down with chicken pox–so she could not be in the picture.

Or, could she. The photographer simply took a picture of Jessica sitting on a stool. He staged the family group with a space just in front of her mother (red sweater). Then he inserted Jessica(turquoise sweater) into the space. Voila–as if she were present too.

Be of good cheer–there is usually a way to accomplish what you want to do. Stop and think about the problem. Consult others about the most effective way to accomplish your goal. Voila–several solutions may come to mind. Being in a hurry can stymie your thought. Slow down a bit–life takes time.

Cheers, Arlene Eakle


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